2017-08-18 44 -120

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2017-08-18 44 -120 frogman 1503166502567.jpg

Fri 18 Aug 2017 in 44,-120:
44.4165100, -120.4054822

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In Ochoco National Forest, just down the road from a Forest Service facility.



We were in Prineville for the eclipse, and thought it would be a wonderful time to do some geohashing!


Despite warnings about the traffic (due to the eclipse), the drive was pretty quick. We passed an NFS facility on the way onto the gravel road, as well as a small campsite. The hashpoint itself was near a dried-out creek bed, in some trees, and was pretty easy to walk to from the network of roads. On the way out, we discovered that one of the buildings close to the NFS facility contained explosives! Which was pretty neat.