2017-08-05 42 -86

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2017-08-05 42 -86 042.jpg

Sat 5 Aug 2017 in 42,-86:
42.5327826, -86.2276548

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Roadside in Wau-Ke-Na Preserve, Glenn, MI, USA



Kitchen clean, laundry folded, air conditioner maintenance complete, 5:30 on a lovely Saturday: time to go. The hashpoint was farther away than I usually tolerate but it was in an interesting-looking nature preserve near Lake Michigan that I thought would be fun to explore. It also looked like the Sunday hashpoint for the next graticule to the east might be reachable, and not too far away, so this looked like a chance for a ["midnight double"], though it's not clear to me from the rules whether both hashpoints must be reached in the dark.

The Wau-Ke-Na preserve has north and south sections. The hashpoint was in the south section, in the ditch at the side of a road. The ditch had been recently mowed and was dry so reaching the hashpoint was very easy. I parked at the preserve parking lot about 200 m south and walked up the road.

On the east side of the road was a tallgrass prairie section of the preserve.

After the hashpoint visit I returned to the parking lot and then wandered through the south preserve section. It was lovely and serene, with mowed grass pathways, meadows, some rustic buildings, wetlands, and some ponds. There was one other car in the lot but I didn't see any other people.

I then went up to the north section of the preserve. This lets you walk through meadow and forest all the way to Lake Michigan. When I arrived at the beach there was one couple there, about my age, enjoying the water with their two dogs. I ditched the shoes and waded along the beach for a while before heading back and continuing on to 2017-08-06_42_-85.

Kudos to the Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy for a fine, and nicely maintained, preserve, and to William Erby Smith for the generous bequest that made it possible.