2017-07-24 45 -123

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Mon 24 Jul 2017 in 45,-123:
45.5404397, -123.0076371

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A field north of Hillsboro



Go by on my way to work


I started out for work and the hashpoint, planning on taking a slight detour to the hashpoint. On my way out out of the house, I pushed the "boot" button on the GPS so it would be ready when I got closer in.

Three turns away from the hashpoint, I pulled over to program the GPS, and found it off. I booted it again. No joy. I figured the batteries were dead and opened up my bag to grab a couple of new ones. An empty pocket greeted me. Apparently I'd used them all and not replaced them with newly charged ones.

I went a little further on and attempted to get one of my other devices to give me GPS coords, but it wasn't being very helpful and I wasn't being very patient, so I gave up. In any event, I knew it was in a field off to my left, and there was no access to that field, so the story pretty much ended there.

I proceeded on to work.


  • No Trespassing