2017-07-23 -21 -41

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Sun 23 Jul 2017 in -21,-41:
-21.7919230, -41.3828632

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In the middle of a field about 450m away from the road.


  • Alphonse
  • Kamila Cristina
  • Jefferson Fingolo


On Saturday night, we decided we would try and reach Sunday's geohash, so naturally, upon waking up on Sunday, I (Alphonse) called Jeff and said "Let's go to the geohash?", to which he answered "Yes. I'm on my way to your place." Me and my girlfriend Kamila weren't awake enough to even think of taking a water bottle with us. All we had was a phone with GPS and no internet connection of any kind.


When Jeff arrived, we used his phone as a router and loaded the point onto Google Maps. Then, we drove to the road the geohash was near and when we were close, we stopped and left the car. To Kamila and Jeff, this was enough, but I wanted to reach the point. We crossed the road and realized we would have to cross a barbed-wire fence to get in. As people in Brazil usually don't have guns, it's relatively safe to roam in open farmland like this. Soon after walking in, we saw a few horses, another fence and a cow on the other side. Because of how far we still were from the geohash, I knew we would have to cross that fence too. There were more cows ahead, so I crossed the fence and Kami and Jeff stood behind it, hoping I didn't get run over by the ruminants. I still had about 350m to walk in tall grass. I also wasn't awake enough earlier to think of wearing pants instead of shorts. My legs were itching from plant scratches and possibly ant bites for a while after. I really didn't know whether the cows would be nice to me or not, but they were. Every time I got too close, they just all stared at me and then walked away. By the time I was near the geohash, I could tell they were getting a little tired of this human disturbing what I presume was their very own geohashing meetup. After some more walking and cow-disturbing, I finally reached within about 1m of the point. I couldn't get a more precise location due to my phone GPS' accuracy, but the point was within the radius of accuracy of the phone, so I guess I reached the geohash.


There was nobody there, except for the cows.


And this Stupid Grinner™.



Alphonse earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (-21, -41) geohash on 2017-07-23.