2017-06-25 50 10

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Sun 25 Jun 2017 in 50,10:
50.4694663, 10.4825329

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On a meadow near the road between Jüchsen and Queienfeld, Thuringia.



Went on this morning road bike ride together. The geohash was very easy to reach by just stepping 30 or 40 m into a meadow populated by millions of grasshoppers. On the way back, we used that evil bike path section between Schleusingen and Hinternah again, when a girl with her grandpa and a dog came up in front of the three rushing cyclists and Reinhard as the leading rider braked slightly more than necessary causing Juja to catch Reinhard's cassette sprocket with her front wheel whose tire got immediately slashed making the tube explode with a loud bang. No need to mention that Juja, of course, had no chance but to crash and bruise her knees. Luckily, Manu somehow managed not to crash into Juja and her bike, but come to a safe stop. As nobody had a spare tire, Reinhard cycled the remaining 5 km back to Schleusingerneundorf to fetch the others by car.


On our way.  
Climbing the last meters to the hashpoint.  
Reinhard's 0.7m proof.  
Juja's 0m proof  
Reinhard, Juja and Manu reached the coordinates.  
Pingu, too.  
Good trip planning is everything.  
Beautiful southern Thuringia.  
Injured Juja.  
Cassette, the ripper.  
Ripped tire.