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Sat 17 Jun 2017 in 66,28:
66.2498999, 28.8758094

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Kuusamo, on the south side of Ala-Kitka lake. The point lies on the bank of a swampy lake.



An unnamed lake in the wilderness with the point.

It's time for the magic of the midnight sun here in Finland. There is plenty of light where Pastori and Wife live but to find the actual midnight sun they had to go even more north. And so they went on yet another vacation past the Arctic Circle towards Lapland. On their eastern route towards the north there was a nice hashpoint in the Salla graticule in the municipality of Kuusamo. The scenery around the especially clear lakes Ala-Kitka and Ylä-Kitka (upper and lower Kitka) was magnificent and the point was easy to reach.

Pastori played it safe and headed directly towards the point from the road for 147m in a dry pine forest. The point itself was quite close to the edge of a wilderness lake and Pastori's rubber boots came in handy again. Wife had to stay a little way away in her pretty red boots. The quagmire just bounced around when Pastori danced around a little trying to get the coordinates of the point right. The closest he got was 3.912m.

Pastori, the point and his trusty boots.
Ala-Kitka lake with the fell Ruka in the background.



Pastori earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (66, 28) geohash on 2017-06-17.
2017-06-17 66 28DSC 0061 1500px.jpg