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Thu 8 Jun 2017 in 62,27:
62.9605733, 27.6810721

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Kuopio, Sorsasalo, the point lies in the middle of the street.



Pastori's pennon.

Pastori and Wife were heading towards Tampere to spend a couple of days there because they had the honor to attend their daughter's university graduation ceremony (Translator's note: That's me!).

The warmth of the summer had finally reached them in North Karelia and it was nice to head towards the south and the increasing greenery. Along the way there was a hashpoint in Kuopio, in Sorsasalo, and it was in the middle of the street too, so they absolutely had to make a little detour to the point. Closing in on the point, Pastori noted that they had been there before 2015-09-21. Inside the car the point was only 0.85m away but when Pastori exited the car and started to dance around trying to find the point, the satellites were no longer in his favor and he only got an accuracy of 2.68m. They reached the point near the beautiful Kallansillat (a series of bridges and roads crossing the Kallavesi lake) while seeing the landmark of Kuopio, Puijo tower piercing the blue sky.

They continued their trip in good spirits. The car ride was occasionally way too hot with the car thermometer showing temperatures of over +25 Celsius. Thankfully the air freshened up a bit when they got nearer to Tampere with a little summer rain. Pastori wasn't hot except when he was relaxing in the sauna of their hotel.

Puijo tower, Kuopio's landmark.



Pastori earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (62, 27) geohash on 2017-06-08.
2017-06-08 62 27DSC 0753 1500px.jpg