2017-06-07 48 7

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Wed 7 Jun 2017 in 48,7:
48.4667263, 7.9300566

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On a busy trffic road, in view of a public webcam.


A lot, but no official geohashers yet


I don't know! I can't be there, I was there before and could be there on friday. But it isn't friday tomorrow. I could've send my sister in two days, but tomorrow isn't in two days either!

I really hope someone can do something with this information!


The Webcam[edit]

[[1]] On this webcam you can see the hash and maybe take a truely perfect hashproof! Or someone can make some statistics (oh god, please don't make me do that!)

You can see the spot when you go to the left, just looking over the edge of the roof. Zoom in if you like.