2017-06-03 47 -118

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Sat 3 Jun 2017 in Davenport:
47.7841287, -118.7371669

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Northwest along highway 174 between Wilbur and Grand Coulee Dam



Returning from a brief visit to Spokane, this geohash was basically on the way. I took highway 2 west from Spokane, then upon reaching Wilbur, took state highway 174 to the northwest. The actual hashpoint was exactly 100 miles from when I gassed up this morning in the Spokane valley.

I passed the spot and tried to pull over, but the shoulder was incredibly soft - I couldn't get the hash vehicle far enough off the road for safety. Pulling back onto the highway, I continued about 200 meters up the road to a wide spot and parked there.

Passing an incredible array of trash and some rather large burrow entrances, I easily reached said geohashpoint. Growing in the field nearby was some lovely spring wheat, but no traipsing into the field required for this point. Also unlike my previous attempt, this point had full cell signal from the nearby town of Wilbur Washington.

Satisfied in my attempt, I returned to my vehicle and continued my trip to Seattle.

Statistics - three geohashes in the Davenport graticule, all by me, all in wheat fields, with the first back in 2009.