2017-05-31 48 7

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Wed 31 May 2017 in 48,7:
48.1040861, 7.8668771

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A park in Emmendingen




Just about to scavenge the freezer for food, Hijackal realizes that his last three days have been very strange. Lots of stress and unusual cirumstances, lots of people and lots of talk - but not enough play, the only physical difficulty being the constant changes between air conditioning, humid summer and thunderstorms. Amazingly, the hash turns out to be roughly six km from home! Hijackal decides to run.


After some rain, its reasonably cool at 19:00, and running is nice. The hash is easily found, and Hijackal briefly considers a Tron, but gives up due to abundance of rivers and lack of bridges. A spontaneous half marathon doesn't seem the sensible thing to do.


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