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West of -30°: .9689000, .2375779
East of -30°: .3652464, .5599124
Globalhash: -24.255656966268, 21.568465842419 (GeoNames)

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Expeditions and Plans

München, Germany Knallgöwer On my way -- Knallgöwer (talk) 12:49, 25 May 2017 (GMT+02:00) *Parked my ...
Wien, Austria Crankl, Micsnare, B2c Micsnare instigated this one, as she was keen on getting the Towel achievem...
Mannheim, Germany DODO In the forest between Ketsch and Schwetzingen.
Kassel, Germany GeorgDerReisende The hash lay on the Lange Straße upon Wahnhausen.
Nilsiä, Finland the wife, Pastori Rautavaara, Ylä-Luosta. The point lies on highway 75.

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