2017-05-06 60 21

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Sat 6 May 2017 in 60,21:
60.1552693, 21.6215039

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The island of Korppoo, Rosklax village, the point lies in a rocky pine forest.



An island ferry where it belongs.

During the one week vacation Pastori didn't catch a single fish. Pastori didn't have the time to fish because he had to take Wife around to see nature trails and bird watching towers. But it was worth the trouble. Wife was over the moon about all the different kinds of birds in the archipelago and the sea and she even saw some birds she'd never seen before. Dozens of common eiders (somateria mollissima) and the cry of a red-necked grebe (podiceps grisegena). And last but definitely not least three white-tailed eagles (haliaeetus albicilla) gliding around over the bird watching tower. Magnificent!

But today, on the last day of the vacation they did catch a hashpoint. It was a great way to do it too, a whole new graticule and the day was sunny and warm. In the morning right after breakfast Pastori and Wife packed their bags and the car and made their way once more towards the ferries, headed for the island of Korppoo, through two ferries. Thankfully it was Saturday morning and most of the people coming to the archipelago for the weekend had already passed by the previous night. Amidst the beautiful scenery of the southwestern archipelago of Finland there was a hashpoint.

Taking the ferries from island to island takes its time though, and they reached their destination at about 10:11 a.m. After 58.9 km of traveling. After walking on a forest path for another 300 meters they got to the point with 0.45 m accuracy. Both Pastori and Wife were feeling good and since they had lunch on the island of Nauvo between the ferries on the way back, the day turned out perfect.

Pastori and the point.



Pastori earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (60, 21) geohash on 2017-05-06.
2017-05-06 60 21DSC 0142 1500px.jpg