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Fri 14 Apr 2017 in 49,7:
49.2461103, 7.8713271

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Deep in the palatine forest near Hermersbergerhof.




I will go there by bull. I strt at 13:30. ETA 16:00. Would be so nice, if anyone else would be there.


It should be a 50 KM ride one way, but to make things more difficult I decided not to take the same way back and planned another way there. This way was going via St. Martin and had to cross two hills, both more than 500 m high. I knew this would be hard for both of us - my bull and me. After 25 KM of riding I reached the first hill and the climbing went surprisingly smooth, the street was good and the bull worked great. On the way down it could recuperat. But soon the second hill started, and just before it gets steep, the street ended and a forest path begun. This one was much more exhausting, but finally I reached the top. And here the hardest part begun. The path was now a very steep gravel way, I didn't dare to ride more than a 7 KM /h speed and my arms and hands were aching from the brakes. But this part also ended and I reached a wide street now. Short time later I had to leave that street to get to the hash. I could ride another kilometer, but then I had to take a very narrow and steep path upwards. So I left the bull in the valley and climbed upwards. After almost 1,5 KM I reached the top of the hill, 150 m higher than my bull and soon I found the hash there in the middle of the forest, some meters next to a path. I didn't have to build an X because someone else had already done so. Another ninya?

I walked back down to my bull and continued my ride. I had a short break in Annweiler for a squishy and an icecream. On my way back home I picked some lilac. 3 KM before I reached home, my tablet ran out of energy, so the last part of the trip is missing on the tracklog. But it is pretty clear how it worked.


111 km of bullriding and 3 KM walking (up and down)



I think this should bring more because I'm really exhausted now, but it is just

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