2017-04-10 52 1

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Mon 10 Apr 2017 in Norwich, UK:
52.5776200, 1.3396337

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The pavement and cycle track north of Poringland, Norfolk, UK.



Un-planned - ChromeCrusaders

Go in the evening after the traffic dies down a bit. - Sourcerer



  • Did it.

- I thought I would be able to get the point by road, parking on the curb but wasn't quite close enough so I parked at a near by pub and walked.

-- ChromeCrusaders (talk) @52.5776,1.3395 19:08, 10 April 2017 (GMT+01:00)


After a short tresspass into a front drive, it turned out that the hashpoint was on the public side of the hedge. Uploading the evidence photos was routine but I got some odd looks as I was facing the hedge and leaning in to get my distance down to about a metre. I was not taking a pee! Honest!



Expeditions and Plans

Norwich, United Kingdom independently ..., Sourcerer, ChromeCrusaders The pavement and cycle track north of Poringland, Norfolk, UK.

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Sourcerer's Expedition Links[edit]

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