2017-04-09 31 -106

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Sun 9 Apr 2017 in 31,-106:
31.8322100, -106.3737482

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Right on the edge of a parking lot near the Biggs Army Airfield inside Fort Bliss.




This was an awesome opportunity too good to pass up. At my now third time in the US I noticed the Hashpoint for this Sunday would finally lie in an accessible location near me – moreover one where I could get some new achievements ;)

While I didn't know the specific location, I've been to the general area before. Fortunately, the excellent Maps from Google and the specific hash location really called for a try without GPS. I memorized which turns on which roads I would have to take and to my delight, I didn't even need the larger scale printout to get to the parking lot in question. Once stopped there, I used the roads, corners and the marked lines from each parking spot as reference and compared them to the small-scale printout, which took only a few seconds. The spot was practically unmissable.

Moreover, the place in question lies within the not publicly accessible Fort Bliss Army installation, which I just happened to have access to.



Gefrierbrand earned the Globetrotter achievement
by visiting hashpoints on 2 continents.
Gefrierbrand earned the No Batteries Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (31, -106) geohash on 2017-04-09.
Gefrierbrand earned the Restricted area achievement
by accessing the (31, -106) geohash at a restricted Fort Bliss site on 2017-04-09.