2017-04-02 -37 145

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Sun 2 Apr 2017 in -37,145:
-37.9407021, 145.0263431

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Right outfield of Moorabbin Baseball Club field, Victoria, Australia




Well, it's best summarized below. Also refer to the images section and tracklog.

  • Pre-Opening Day hash on a baseball field. It'll be walk till you drop as I procrastinate on Sunday with a slow expedition. -- Thunk (talk) 09:34, 1 April 2017 (GMT+00:00)
  • Good morning everyone. I'm off on this rather long walk. Let's see how long it can be. -- Thunk (talk) @-37.9108,145.1356 22:02, 1 April 2017 (GMT+00:00)
  • Time for the traditional Australian 'brekky'. It's not just a matter of the local customs but me needing to actually eat. -- Thunk (talk) @-37.9255,145.1197 22:33, 1 April 2017 (GMT+00:00)
  • Ow...Ow...Ow...

34 km is quite enough for one day. -- Thunk (talk) @-37.8128,144.9676 04:49, 2 April 2017 (GMT+00:00)

  • It turns out that after I wrote that, I started feeling restless again. So on another whim, I started walking the 17 km from South Yarra station to my temporary hideaway. The first 5 km were relatively all right, but exhaustion soon set in, and I was at my limits by the time I completed my journey. The total distance on foot is currently unclear due to GPS jitters but is likely greater than 50 km.

And considering how sore I was for two days afterwards, it probably wasn't worth it. Though proper shoe choice left me with only one large blister on my right foot (and only a very small one on the left foot).

Felix Dance[edit]

Some explanation: I was out in Fairfield after riding in the Mike Hall memorial ride along the Yarra - a tribute to Indian Pacific Wheel Race competitor and car-crash fatality victim Mike Hall - when I discovered the hash. I left the Abbotsford Convent cafe and headed south towards Hampton along Church/Chapel Streets, picking up an Astor calendar along the way (heavy Melbourne referencing).

After a fair ride along the Nepean Highway, I turned off and arrived at the park nestled between Hampton East and Moorabin. The sun was sunny so I took a nap on the grass - a hashnap. But soon I was back on the bike and riding directly north into the tailwind, all the way up Burke Rd, a tour of the Eastern suburbs, to a first birthday party in Ivanhoe. I'll work out my total distance in a bit, but it must be about 60 Kms, or about 90 for the day.




thunk earned the Walk geohash Achievement
by reaching the (-37, 145) geohash on 2017-04-02 on foot, travelling a distance of 51km.
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thunk earned the 7 Star GeoSquishy Achievement
by sipping late at night in the rain very near a vendor at the (-37, 145) geohash on 2017-04-02.
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thunk achieved level 2 of the Minesweeper Geohash achievement
by visiting coordinates in Melbourne East, Australia and 2 of the surrounding graticules.