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Wed 29 Mar 2017 in 50,11:
50.9736893, 11.6547299

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In the "beach" area of Porstendorfer See (lake) near Porstendorf, North of Jena, Thuringia.


  • Juja, Benjy and Frankie Mouse


When the coordinates for this Geohash were published I had a little discussion with Reinhard whether the point would be accessible. The area around the lake is basically private property, there is a campground and you can go swimming in summer, but the season for camping starts only in April and we didn't know whether there were high fences in winter or whether Geohashers just wouldn't need to pay to go there. I expected the first, but the weather was still so exceedingly nice and the point so near that I decided to go for a No Trespassing before work anyway. So I cycled there, and was surprised that the entrance to the lake property was just open for winter and I could go there without problems - in fact I was so not prepared for this that I had to call Reinhard and ask him for the exact coordinates, because I hadn't saved them to my GPS. He didn't hesitate to assist me in my quest, so I could take the usual proof pictures and leave... and suddenly there was a woman on a bike and also a second bike at the reception building of the campground. I couldn't figure out whether she was coming for the Geohash or was the owner, so I just wished her a very good morning and rode off quickly before I ran the risk of having to explain the concept of Geohashing to her.


View from the Geohash to Gleisberg and Kunitzburg.  
Mice and bike at the Geohash.  
View over the small lake, deserted.