2017-03-25 51 3

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Sat 25 Mar 2017 in 51,3:
51.5297083, 3.9380789

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On a tidal mudflat at Kattendijke, Zeeland Province, the Netherlands.


FelixTheCat (talk)


Today's hash was at a very interesting location: a tidal mudflat, which is a relatively common type of wetland on the Dutch coast. These are muddy areas that are completely submerged at high tide, but fall dry at low tide. So to make sure I could actually walk to the hash I consulted a tide calculator the day before, and determined that I had to visit before noon. So I got up early, drove to Zeeland and parked at the coast outside the village of Kattendijke. The mudflat looked accessible, and there were in fact several people walking on it. They were digging into the mud, which means they were likely searching for sandworms to be used as fishing bait.

I walked onto the mud as well, and luckily it was just solid enough to support my weight without me sinking more than a centimetre or so (I was in my regular hiking shoes, not in wellingtons like the digging people). I walked towards the hash, got a zero reading on the GPS and took some pictures. I then walked a bit more around the surrounding areas, enjoying the sun and the fresh sea breeze, and then went back to the car. I went on to visit a few museums in Vlissingen and Zierikzee before going home.