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Sat 25 Mar 2017 in 50,10:
50.5297083, 10.9380789

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On the edge of the forest "near" Triniusbaude, between Masserberg, Gießübel and Kahlert, Thuringia.



I spent the weekend with my parents, this hash was at only 8 kms distance (as the crow flies) from their home, I had a good bike with me and the weather was really nice - a lot of good reasons to go Geohashing! ;) Of course I was a bit too optimistic, I cycled to Triniusbaude where I realized that the Geohash was still at almost 500m distance. And the area over there is far from flat, but it wouldn't be Geohashing if I could just cycle right to the point, so I shouldered my bike and walked over the swampy meadows and through the (luckily light) forest and back. I also did a successful 0-m-dance but then accidentally deleted the picture shortly after arriving home, so... well. Whatever.


View from Schnett.  
Perfect weather, perfect road  
Triniusquelle (fountain).  
Roadbike in the middle of the forest.  
1-m-dance successful?  
Pingu at the Geohash.  
A swampy meadow.  
Dry feet are overrated anyways.  
Last bit of snow on Rennsteig.