2017-03-15 52 5

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Wed 15 Mar 2017 in 52,5:
52.3915635, 5.3954586

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A field near Almere, almost no deviation from my commute needed.


JwB (talk)


Commute with a little deviation, stop, walk up, collect proof, walk away and continue to work. Should be possible.


so it went. turned out that i could easily park along the road, and then had around 600 meter to walk into the freshly ploughed field. fortunately the clay was dry because of the beautiful spring wheather the we had for the last week. And there was a path along a ditch that was used by the tractors, so i could take that for most of the distance. Chose the correct side from depart so did not even have to jump the ditch as it turned out. just 20 meters off the path into the clay the point was, took pictures, and made my way back. nice break from the driving.