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Sun 12 Mar 2017 in Cottbus:
51.1649559, 14.9398019

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Today's location is on a bicycle/walking track next to a country road at Girbigsdorf, near Görlitz.

Country: Germany; state: Sachsen (Saxony, EU:DE:SN); district: Görlitz

Weather: Clouded and windy.



This hashpoint was far away from Dresden, but reachable and in a district-graticule-combination (Görlitz district, 51 14) I haven't been to before so I wanted to go there. I took the train from Dresden-Neustadt to Görlitz. During the ride it was sunny and I saw multiple deer. At Görlitz I started walking through run-down streets and past a large allotment garden. The sun wasn't visible any more, instead there was a cold wind. I passed the airfield and walked along the path next to the country road until I came near the hashpoint. Finding the spot was easy, it was directly on the path. Some people passed me by bike, but not many.

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Almost there -- Danatar (talk) @51.1646,14.9416 14:10, 12 March 2017 (GMT+01:00)

After taking pictures I walked back towards Görlitz. I had enough time until the return train so I decided to make a small detour to the Görlitz city center and to Poland. I passed the hospital, the 'Holy Sepulcre' (a reproduction of the Jerusalem one from the 15th century, used as a pilgrim site) and the Saint-Peter-and-Paul church. I recognized many sights from my 2008 stay. Next to the church I took a picture of the 'Old Town Bridge' from the exact same spot as in 2008, noticing some differences but many identical things. Then I walked across the bridge to Poland for a moment. There are still no signs indicating a border. Through the old town I walked towards the train station, buying a Bratwurst with mustard in the mustard shop along the way. The train ride was quiet (after I had changed my seat away from the children). Back in Dresden the sun was shining again, but I was still feeling frozen by the time I was home.

In total I walked 10.2 km.

While taking the 'revisited' picture I noticed that the white balance had been set to 'light bulb', the later photos look much better.

train from Dresden to Görlitz  
leaving Görlitz  
almost there  
Coordinates reached!  
the hashpoint  
same view as during my very first expedition, 8.5 years ago!  
looking over the bridge to Poland  
the river Neiße is the border  
looking over the bridge to Germany and to the St.-Peter-and-Paul church, 15th century  
Görlitz town hall, 14th century  
the Fat Tower, 13th century  


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