2017-03-12 48 15

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Sun 12 Mar 2017 in 48,15:
48.1649559, 15.9398019

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Hashpoint was located in a pasture west of Vienna near the homestead Knagg.



As the weather forecast for Sunday was promising B2c planned to take the train from Wien Westbahnhof (Station Vienna West) to Eichgraben and walk to the hashpoint from thereon.


B2c boarded the train around 3pm after late luncheon. The train ride to Eichgraben took about 30 minutes, and from the trainstation B2c expected an hour long walk to the hashpoint. Weather forecast was right for once and it was a sunny afternoon, a warm promise of the arriving spring. The walk to the hashpoint was along steadily inclining small rural roads and took a little longer than B2c thought first, but the hashpoint was easily reachable in a pasture behind a small farm homestead. On the way back B2c discovered that the 'Wiener Höhenwanderweg' (Vienna walking trail) offered an alternative route back to the train station, which offered a scenic walk back. In the end all went as planned and B2c managed to catch the 5:30pm train back to Vienna.



  • As nearly half of the time to reach the hashpoint was either spent walking or going by train, I think it's fair to claim a fifty-fifty combo achievement ;)
B2c earned the Combined Walk / Public Transport Geohash Achievement
by walking and taking the train at the (48, 15) geohash on 2017-03-12.


  • Tracklog messed up for a short distance on the train ride, apologies.

2017-03-12-48 15-tracklog.png