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Sat 11 Mar 2017 in Dresden:
51.0352229, 13.6818387

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Today's location is at the corner of the Naußlitz elementary school building. The school is currently being renovated with the ground a big muddy construction site.

Country: Germany; state: Sachsen (Saxony, EU:DE:SN); district: Dresden; Ortsamt: Cotta; Stadtteil: Naußlitz.

Weather: clouded, about 9-10 °C



I started from home shortly after 3 pm, cycling through the Großer Garten and then through the Südvorstadt part of Dresden. I recognized Löbtau from another expedition and easily reached the area of the hashpoint. Instead of a school closed for the weekend I found a huge construction site as the school is currently being refurbished. There was a fence on the path directly to the hashpoint (the architect meant for the track to go to the front entrance, but his priorities were all wrong) so I planned to use the allotment garden next door to walk around the grounds. The small street I used turned out to still belong to the construction site (the entrance to the allotment garden was on the other side of a hedge as I found out) and I found myself in the back of the site. As there had been no POSTED signs I decided to continue towards the spot. There was a very new tarmac path and then a large muddy area, but I reached the corner of the school building where I knew the hashpoint was. The GPS dance was made difficult by the mud, the scaffolding and the building itself that made the GPS unit reading jump around a lot, but at 4 pm I was near enough. After taking pictures I made my way back to the bike and cycled back home with muddy shoes. In total I cycled 16 km.

The white balance setting of my camera was set to 'light bulb'. All the pictures from my business trips to Vienna and Rome (no hashpoints there or I would have already documented them) are off-colored as well :-(

construction site  
"here be renovation"  
almost there?  
Coordinates reached at 4 pm  
the hashpoint  
construction site  
the next house over also needs work  


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