2017-02-24 45 -122

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Fri 24 Feb 2017 in 45,-122:
45.5383419, -122.8912984

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In a field near an industrial park



Head there after work


Expedition one[edit]

The first time I headed out for the hashpoint, it proved to be a very short trip. It turned out my GPS had no happy batteries, and I didn't have any spares, so I gave up.

Expedition two[edit]

I decided to head out there a couple of days later at lunchtime. I could probably have walked, but decided to drive instead. It might have been faster to walk, as I had to try several different areas before I could finally find a place where I could park.

I ended up parking at a nearby park and then walking on the trail that happens to go by the hashpoint. It looked like it was close to the trail, but I had to go through some low brush to get to it, but the hashpoint itself was in an open area.

I then headed back to my car and to work.



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