2017-02-10 52 -1

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2017-02-10 52 -1 sunset.jpg

Fri 10 Feb 2017 in 52,-1:
52.3762865, -1.5801558

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Pbro walked around this hash point without reaching it.


In a field belonging to Hurst Farm off Crackley Lane, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2JW, UK.

The hash turned out to be in a field of grain, with 5 cm long shoots, so actually reaching it was out of question. A public right of way footpath crosses that field, and the right of way seems to have been maintained by spraying it with a plant killer.




Less than 2km away from work -- even though I had low hopes as the hashpoint is on private farm land, I hopped on my bike in the afternoon.


At 4pm, I hopped on my bicycle, rode it to Crackley Lane (3.1 km) and locked it on a conveniently placed bridge railing. From there I took a Public Footpath north. The footpath crosses the field the hash is on, and I passed it in 174 m distance. At the next intersection I turned south again. The public right of way then however leaves the path along the field (the path is closed by a gate). This time I approached the hash to a distance of 77 m. At that time I resigned myself to not reaching this hash and returned to my bicycle (2 km walk).

Weather: Rays of sun fighting through the clouds, but at the end a flutter of snowflakes. Temperature just above freezing.



Pbro earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost (73 m) reaching the (52, -1) geohash on 2017-02-10.