2017-02-08 54 12

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Wed 8 Feb 2017 in 54,12:
54.0740375, 12.7563917

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Some field near the Autobahn 20 AS Tribsees and the Trebel valley.



I haven't made some expeditions lately because the coordinates where too far away or I wasn't in my home graticule. So it's pretty funny that I reached this hashpoint. The one farthest away on my record.

I was visiting my girlfriend who currently lives in 54 13 and was heading back to my home with a borrowed car. In the morning of this day I checked for today's hashpoints and found this one near my route so I decided to stop by. I left the Autobahn at the exit Tribsees and drove in the direction of the local wind power plant which is currently under construction. First I thought was heading in the wrong direction so I checked the Hash Droid but it was perfectly right. The I entered a cubblestone road of very bad state through the fields. Lots of farm machines may have ruined it. After the next crossroad the road was made of frozen soil and so I drove until I got near the point, but it was still 500 metres off.

I decided to turn around. By this time it was nearly complete dark and -4 °C outside on an open field with no one around. What if the car woundn't start as soon as I got back? But then I remembered the risks I took on previous hashes, got out of the car and walked across the frozen soil and some plants I couldn't identify in the dark. Seemed to be cabbage or some kind of it from the sound it made by stepping onto it. I reached the hashpoint, got my proof and walked back in the direction of the construction lights. The car wasn't visible in the dark.

So I reached this one, too. Back onto the Autobahn and on the way back to my origin graticule.


ZettS earned the Frozen Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (54, 12) geohash on 2017-02-08 while the temperature was -4 °C.