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Wed 8 Feb 2017 in Dresden:
51.0740375, 13.7563917

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Today's location is on the street of Hans-Oster-Straße in Dresden-Neustadt, next to a vegetation zone that interupts a parking lane.

Country: Germany; state: Sachsen (Saxony, EU:DE:SN); district: Dresden; Ortsamt: Neustadt; Stadtteil: Albertstadt.

Weather: Clouded, cold, -2 °C.

Plans: Cycle there



I left the door as the church bells were striking 10 a.m. As my not-covered ears kept telling me during the trip it was a cold morning, but this didn't stop me from cycling through Johannstadt and Neustadt towards the hashpoint. In the Alaunpark I almost slipped on the uneven ice that was still covering the path. A few moments later I reached the hashstreet. From the satellite image I instantly recognized the hashpoint, next to a small green patch just across from that big builing. The huge construction site from the satellite image had been replaced by houses. When I took out my GPS unit to take a picture of proof it showed the hashpoint to be 10 meters away. As I had planned a tron route that I didn't want to leave and there was a fence around the newly-built houses I decided to stick to the satellite image (as you can see on the tracklog the GPS was off). Without deviating from my route I continued along the street and returned home via Stauffenbergallee and Waldschlösschenbrücke. Just when I arrived at home the church bells were striking 10:45, making this an expedition of exactly 45 minutes. In total, I cycled 9.2 km.

dangerous route through the Alaunpark  
there it is...  
...the hashpoint  
Hans-Oster-Straße from the other direction  
lookin over the Elbe towards the city center, Frauenkirche in the distance  
revisited, it has been more than 2 years  
Tron expedition  

The colors are off because the white balance was set to "light bulb" as I found out in March.


everytrail.com has been taken over and the new owner (alltrails) doesn't have a private mode, so it might take a while until I find a new site to upload the tracks without spreading them to all the world

I now found mygpsfiles.com which is not optimal (waypoints = the hashpoint are not shown) but better than nothing: Triton trackog