2017-02-08 48 11

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Wed 8 Feb 2017 in 48,11:
48.0740375, 11.7563917

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On a field near Grasbrunn



Solli plans to be there at 17:30


What a convenient location: Like two weeks before I had an appointment in Haar in the evening and the Hashpoint was just a few kilometers away. So I went there after work, parked the car about 330 m away and crossed the field to reach the point. Unfortunately the field was very muddy, the kind of mud that sticks to the boots and makes walking difficult. I really should put a spare pair of mud boots into my car just in case. Anyway I reached the point at exactly 17:32, marked the spot, took a few photos and went back to the car.

There were some tiny patches of snow at the location, but since the temperature was +1°C it doesn't count as a frozen geohash.



Solli earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (48, 11) geohash on 2017-02-08.