2017-01-31 48 9

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2017-01-31 48 9 hash.jpg

Tue 31 Jan 2017 in 48,9:
48.6132645, 9.2882342

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Im Pfarrboschen, Neckartailfingen



I noticed it while working. The hash was located very close to my way home to Tuebingen in the evening.


It would have been an easy one. However, the B297 between Nuertingen and Neckartailfingen is under construction at the moment which I didn't know in advance. So I got a little bit lost, because my navigation system didn't know about the closed road and I had to stop looking for directions. Because of the closed road, I had to drive a small detour through Nuertingen-Raidwangen anyway, the complete detour was thus only a few hundred meters.

I parked my car at the street "Im Pfarrboschen". As it was raining and I was in formal attire, I decided not to go crazy and walk over the muddy field to reach the geohash. If it only had been as cold as all Januar days before, then it would have been easy to reach because the field would have been frozen ...



no achievements for an unambitious geohasher