2017-01-23 52 5

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Mon 23 Jan 2017 in 52,5:
52.4163709, 5.5065222

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Planted forest in Lelystad


JwB (talk)


As I had a loaded day at work, to make this one I had to be really early. Before sunset, so that poses (a little) challenge


Driving up there was no problem at all. Nor was finding access to the planted forest, nor to the paths which I already studied from Google maps in advance. Paths themselves were OK, and the combination of residual snow and a dim moon posed no difficulties. For dark adapted eyes that is. But even at the lowest light setting the light from my cell phone when looking up distance to the hash on the app was so strong that every time after consulting i had a hard time watching my step. Even with said phone as a light to illuminate the path. So a few glitches here and there. Last 50 meters or so I had to leave the path and go through the undergrowth. Which, in the absence of light etc can surprise you but nothing major. A bit of a hassle to get to the correct spot. Pictures and back to the car and on to work.