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Wed 4 Jan 2017 in 51,6:
51.0328457, 6.8988492

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On a field in Fühlingen, a small town just off my travel route for the day.




I had a meeting in Düsseldorf yesterday, so I checked the coordinates and they seemed to be very convenient- I had to try to conquer a new graticule. :) My plan was to stop there in the morning, since I had an appointment with a colleague for the gym in the afternoon and time could be tight. The plan would only work if weather and traffic played nice, though.


At least traffic played nice... It was constantly raining until I passed Leverkusen, close to the target. This while I always had 2° to 3.5°C in the car display, so I frequently checked the temperature and was a bit nervous considering the way home, because it rained hard enough to wash away any salt solution or whatever winter services used on the roads and I seriously feared driving home on a wet, hilly ice surface. But I had the time for hashing before my appointment, at least.

The hash coordinates were easy to reach and the weather started to play nice there, too. The street next to the field with the hash coordinates was blocked for cars on one side, so I could easily just park at the side. The field was harvested, too, so no risk of damaging winter crops. Walking in, I also discoverd that walking on the large stems of the plants (not sure what they were) minimized sinking into mud- a good thing, since I forgot to pack the dirt shoes.

I didn't even have to do a dance, the GPS unit was content with the direction it displayed and walking there, simply counted down to zero. All in all, a very easy hash in a new graticule, and after a long time of inactivity, too. :)



Not noteworthy. ;) Land? Easy?