2016-11-29 42 -77

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Tue 29 Nov 2016 in 42,-77:
42.6946085, -77.9449893

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In the woods of Letchworth State Park by an RV Discharge station



With hunting season in progress, I wasn't too keen on hiking through the woods on public land but this hash landed just down the road from the tent/RV campsites and just off the road. I figured we could check things out and walk along the road and upon approaching the hash area, see if there were any cars parked on the side (indicating hunters might be close). If no one seemed to be around, we could walk in to the hash.

Getting to Letchworth was no trouble and driving past the campsite registration office, I saw the road was actually closed. This was perfect. The dogs could run around and we wouldn't have to worry about vehicles, hunters would most likely not be down that way and getting to the hash should be pretty easy!

On our half mile walk to the hash area, I saw some signs for a "Fitness Trail" and wondered what that meant. I didn't have to wait long to find out as we came upon the first station quickly. It was about 20 stations along the road instructing users to do stretches or exercises with instructions to walk, jog or run to the next station. Kind of neat and I played on one or two before continuing on. Getting to the hash area, I saw things would be a bit more difficult as there were thick large wild rose bushes along this stretch of woods. We were able to find a deer path through without too much snagging and fortunately, the hash landed in a little clearing and in an area where water was seeping out of the hillside.

I was able to get close after a longer than usual GPS dance and got some pictures of the area. Heading back to the road, we continued down for an extended walk and explored some of the camping loops. I even found one of those nice (and apparently new) Gatorade Sports bottles you see at sporting events. Not sure if that counts as GeoTrash as it wasn't at the hashpoint, but I took it home. Picked up some trash by the recreation area too which was easy as there were trash cans right there.

After our nice, tick-free hike on the road, we headed back to the car and for home, happy with another successful trip.



This user earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (42, -77) geohash on 2016-11-29.