2016-11-04 40 -111

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Fri 4 Nov 2016 in 40,-111:
40.9066842, -111.9384392

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In a wetland between Bountiful an the Great Salt Lake



On my lunch break at work, I checked the hash location as usual. This one seemed reasonably close, and looked like it might be reachable. So after work, I set out to locate the hash. My first attempt at reaching it sent me down a dirt road to the north of the hash, which on the map looked like it could get me to within a mile or so of the point. However, this road proved to be closed to the public not far past the parking area for the Farmington Bay Nature center. However, much of the area around the dirt road appeared very much like what I imagined the area around the hash to look like, with mud flats, areas of firmer ground with dense vegetation, and some pools of water. So I tried a 2nd approach, this time from the west. I parked my car at a park a bit over a mile from the hash and set out walking down a nearby dirt road. As I neared the hash, I realized that the water level in the area seemed noticeably higher than it had appeared in the satellite imagery. I began to worry that this hash would end in failure. And I was correct. The hash ended with about a quarter mile of swamp more difficult than I was willing to traverse in my work clothes between me and the hash.

I'm catching up on posting some hash attempts while on vacation overseas. I'll add photos from this expedition once I get home.