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Sat 8 Oct 2016 in 50,11:
50.9155333, 11.7241651

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  • Jens and Räbe
  • Juja, Benjy and Frankie Mouse


It’s long ago that I wrote my last hash report. Maybe it’s because it’s long ago that I visited my last hash point. It started on Friday when I decided to bake a plum cake for Saturday and invited Juja for an afternoon snack. In replay she asked “How about visiting the hash point before?”. That’s why it’s hash time again.

Because of a bad weather forecast we meet already before lunch and started our tour to Schöngleina. In Jenapriessnitz Juja took an other way than I expected. But I thought, Juja is a geohash expert, so she knows why we go this way. Later on it proved that I was wrong thinking this. Thanks to the chosen track we had to climb up until 400m although the hash point was only 300m high. (Only for the sake of completeness we started on 160m.) So Juja had to wait two or three times for the old man climbing up the hill. After the climb was done we had to go another 10 minutes and easily reached the 10 meter radius of the hash point.

It was within the accuracy of the GPS signal, so for me the goal was reached. No so for Juja. “I want to see at least the 5m mark” she spoke an vanished in the brushwood beside the street. From now on I didn’t see her, only heard her voice. The brushwood was really compact. After two minutes (for 10 m) I heard her crying: “Yah, 0 meter”. At this time I was not sure if she will ever come back, but another two minutes later she reappeared just before me. Time to go home to the plum cake waiting for us, without passing the 400 m contour line again.


10 m beside the point  
Down the street...  
... Behind the fence the way would be easy.  
Räbe sitting on the evil fence  
Within the circle: Good enough for Jens ...  
... but not for Juja.  
The precious 0m-shot!  
And the amazing view from the Geohash.  
Juja, coming back  
Out of the brushwood  
Räbe, Benjy and Frankie sitting on the entrance