2016-10-01 39 -82

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Sat 1 Oct 2016 in 39,-82:
39.9851221, -82.9602606

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Corner of E 5th and Taylor in Columbus



Part 2 of a Multi-hash; Part 1 of the expedition can be found here. After the early morning geohash, the plan is to pick Dean up around 10am and drive to Columbus. I didn't see any decent hashes on the way, but this hash is right in the City of Columbus. We should be arriving at the hotel around 15:00 and that will put us in a great position for an Official Meetup at 16:00. Since we are coming from Buffalo, New York, this will also be an XKCD-100 event too! After this expedition, we will find somewhere to eat and then go to MAPFRE Stadium to watch the Columbus Crew take on the Chicago Fire in a late season MLS (Major League Soccer) match.

Further note, if successful, this will be the first Coordinates Reached in this graticule.


I drove to pick up Dean slightly late, but we were on our way around 10:30 and made good time getting to Columbus. It was pretty easy as there were only 3 highways we needed to take and the hotel was right off the exit in Columbus.

Stopping at the hotel, we dropped off our things and relaxed for a bit to wait until it was closer to the official 16:00 meetup time. We gave ourselves 15 minutes to get there and found a place to park on Taylor by the corner. Hopping out, we walked over to the sidewalk by the fence and did a short GPS dance and found the spot pretty quickly. We got our pictures, and since no one else was around, headed back to the hotel.

A bit after 17:00, we called an Uber ride and went to dinner at the Rusty Bucket which was very good and had a decent selection of beer. After our meal, we found our way to MAPFRE stadium where we watched a great game in which the Columbus Crew beat the Chicago Fire 3-0. It could have been 4 but a header from the 6 yard box was called back on an offside. There were a few other good opportunities as well from both sides making for an exciting game.

The next day, we drove home but there weren't any decent geohashes on the way to try for. Unfortunately, we did hit some bad traffic which was due to a morbid and tragic event. The first bit was right next to a rest stop and as we drove by, we could see a lot of police and crime tape. They were also not letting people leave the rest stop either. Getting by, it opened up again only to become a parking lot a few more miles down the road. Creeping along at a snail's pace, we eventually saw signs that I-71 was closed and we should take Rt 13 into Mansfield to Rt 30 back to I-71. After this detour, we made good time the rest of the way home, but I found an article about the incident which turns out was a shooting, chase and standoff. Kind of scary since we drove by the rest stop about an hour or so after this all went down.



This user earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (39, -82) geohash on 2016-10-01.
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by dragging Dean to the (39, -82) geohash on 2016-10-01.
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