2016-09-25 -38 144

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Sun 25 Sep 2016 in -38,144:
-38.2475990, 144.4175408

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In a paddock near Armstrong Creek



It was a sunny day that morning, so I managed to convince Joelle to come geohashing with me. So after church we made our way to the hash. The road was blocked off on the way to the hashpoint, so we had to double back to the Torquay high-way and head towards Mount Duneed / Barwon Heads before making it to the hashpoint.

We were able to get within 30m with our car, so we only had to walk a short distance into the paddock. It was raining by the time we got to the point so we made it quick, took a few snaps then headed back to the car.


Achievements =[edit]

  • Land Geohash