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Wed 21 Sep 2016 in 62,26:
62.3408058, 26.0475769

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Mataroisenmäki, Laukaa. The point lies on a sandy area of pine trees.



Pastori has passed through the graticule 62 26 dozens of times but he's never ran into a feasible hashpoint. So Pastori decided to book a holiday cottage in this graticule to ensure he'd finally manage to reach a point. Part of the reason for choosing this particular place to go to might have also been the 6-month-old grandson living in a city near by.


Sentinels among the mist.

The beginning of their holiday was very pleasant with the meeting of said grandson and his parents. The adjoining forests had plenty of mushrooms and berries ripe for picking. From a lake nearby Pastori even caught a huge pike (Esox lucius) weighing at 2.4 kg and measuring at 59 cm. Then, finally as the week reached its second half, they managed a success on the hashpoint-front as well. The point seemed reachable at 16 km as the bird flies and only 25 km by the roads. So off they went yet again after breakfast, while the morning mist was still visible on the scenery. On the way to the point they stopped by the ruins of a 400-year-old church, which they think is one of the oldest in Finland. Right before the point Wife noticed a Ural owl (Strix uralensis) sitting in a pine tree. Finding the point itself was not much of an adventure. In a dry pine-y wood, about 25 metres from the tree standing on top of a large boulder, Pastori managed to achieve an accuracy of 0.86 metres. This successful day continued back at the cottage in much the same way as always with food, sleep and sauna. The day after tomorrow they'll be back at their own sauna.

Morning mist.

Additional photos[edit]


Pastori and The Wife earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (62, 26) geohash on 2016-09-21.
2016-09-21 62 26DSC 0853 1500px.jpg