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Thu 15 Sep 2016 in 52,5:
52.1778541, 5.1880936

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Just off the road in Hollandse Rading


JwB (talk)


Bike there and walk up


Nice and sunny day, promising to be hot again as we currently have a heatwave going on. So would http://xkcd.com/1732/ it be true then?

Missed a few turns on my way there, wanting to cycle through the meadows of the Hollandse Waterlinie, the defence system that was in effect in the 16th through 19th centuries. By flooding the low lands (polders) in which numerous brooks ran, any army would be slowed down because of the inability to orient and the many trenches hidden underneath the water surface. Restored windmills, protestant churches on the horizon, and small flocks of cattle grazing green meadows indicated that it for sure was the Netherlands I was biking through.

Did end up in Hollandse Rading, passed the railway station and 500 meters further next to a parking lot walked easily up to the point. Marked it with some twigs, collected the pictures and made for my return, this time taking the route I intended to take on my way to the hash.

Farmland again, yet large areas are turned "back into nature". Ironically for a country that just less than a century ago reclaimed land from sea to feed less inhabitants than currently roam the place. Guess globalization and industrialization once more have won, and that we can soon enjoy our cuddly "nature" at the expense of mass food production in countries where wages are lower. At least had sunny thoughts on my trip back.




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