2016-09-14 49 8

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Wed 14 Sep 2016 in 49,8:
49.9039503, 8.3133083

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A horse-meadow between Lörzweiler and Nackenheim.




After I've crossed the Hunsrück-mountains for the Kaiserslautern-hash, I had to change trains in Mainz. But the station ist only 11 kilometers from this point. Of course I had to try to get there.


I reached the station Mainz Römisches Theater at a quarter to six. That is quite late, considering that I still have 88 kilometers to go by train. I rode to the rhine river and followed it for a while, then the way left the river and followed the railway to Laubenheim and Bodenheim. After Bodenheim I entered some vineyards and the relief got more pronounced. At half past six I reached a road and the hash was close. I parked my bike, crossed the road and was stopped by a fence. On the other side was a horse meadow. Maybe I could have entered it, it seemed that the horses were on a adjacent meadow, distinct by another fence, but it was so late already that I didn't try. So I'm still waiting for my first multi hash. I took some pictures and continued my way to Nackenheim from where I took the train home.


17 KM by bike. I didn't track the 88 KM by train from Nackenheim home.



DODO earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost (37m) reaching the (49, 8) geohash on 2016-09-14.