2016-09-13 -17 145

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Tue 13 Sep 2016 in -17,145:
-17.1875814, 145.2198325

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In the bush next to a dry creek, inside 'No Trespassing' pastoral land.



Still on my epic Darwin to Cairns cycle tour, and after having missed a geohash right on the road near Black Bull because I didn't check the app in the morning before leaving reception, I had my eye out for a good hash.

And here one was. I'd just pulled into quaint town Dimboola for phone reception in the first time for a few days and was attempting to stay there until... Geohash. About 15 kms off, a few ks out of nearby town Mutchilba, in the bush somewhere. Off I went.

Hitting the headwinds and snaking around wallaby roadkill I took the turnoff and headed through the georgic beauty of pastoral fnq. Lefting at an irrigation channel I dived deep into bushland, and upon the dreaded signage, 'Trespassers Prosecuted'. With cute logic, I reasoned that, in fact, it was better for this sign to be here, since if I got injured on the property, the proprietors would have an easier time evading liability and so I could wipe my conscience clear of any wrongdoing. Under the barbs I went.

Rolling over creek beds and around tree stumps I headed hashwise. Blam! I was there. Took photos, and watched the sun go down.

Too late to escape, I camped, about 200m from the hash proper, just on the other side of the fence to avoid doubling down on my sin. At night, a huge herd of cattle rambled through the bush near me, opposite the fence. Good move there.

I got up in the morning and got a coffee milkshake at Mutchilba.



Felix Dance (talk) earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling about 10km extra, 80kms for the day to and from the (-17, 145) geohash on 2016-09-13.
Geohash 2016-09-13 -17 145 Hash.JPG