2016-07-29 48 -1

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Fri 29 Jul 2016 in 48,-1:
48.2610541, -1.3857076

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A field near St Aubin du Cormier


JwB (talk)


Only 3 kms from the highway that is to be driven to get back home after a nice fortnight in France. Seems accessible too.


And so it was. Just a little detour from the motorway got us to the road. Nice time to stretch the legs, drink some water, eat some of the last crepes (pancakes from bretagne), and walk up to the barbed wire that keeps the cows within the meadow that contained today's hashpoint. Climb over, walk towards the point, draw the attention of the curious cows who came flocking around. Then leave back to the car and drive the remaining 800 kms home. Of course stopping for stretching legs, drinking coffe, and alternating steer, but not near any accessible hash.

Though this is the first documented expedition in 48 - 1 there is one claim for an earlier expedition (http://wiki.xkcd.com/geohashing/2009-10-17_48_-1 ), so no virgin graticule achievement.