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Sat 23 Jul 2016 in 42,-76:
42.4495882, -76.4787240

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Middle of Cornell University in Ithaca, in front of the Human Ecology building



My friend is having his bachelor party at a campsite in the Finger Lakes so I will again be camping this weekend in the Ithaca Graticule. The hash has landed right at Cornell University in a very accessible place. Potentially with nerds and geeks all over, I need to find some chalk and maybe get some people at least a bit curious. I will stop at the hash in the morning on my way to the campsite, likely around 11am or so.


Driving out to Ithaca was uneventful, and I found my way through campus without difficulty. I was able to find parking very close to the hash, but the closest spots were all marked handicapped. Even though I was only going to be 5 minutes, I parked in a loading zone spot instead just down the road.

Being summer there weren't many people around and fortunately a bit of construction was happening. I grabbed 4 rocks for the hash poster since it was pretty windy. I couldn't find chalk so before I left home I printed the crox poster to leave behind.

Walking up to the spot there were some potted plants and benches and I found the spot quickly next to the first potted plant. Not wanting to leave the poster on the ground at the exact spot, I put it on top of the garbage cans that were close. I got my pictures and headed to the campsite in Hector, NY where we enjoyed lawn games and lots and lots of growlers of beer.

Hopefully someone will see the poster and at least check out this page.



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