2016-05-28 50 11

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Sat 28 May 2016 in 50,11:
50.9265268, 11.4076102

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On the edge of a rye field between Mellingen and Magdala. Also, near a previous Geohash of mine.



Long time no Geohashing, for various reasons/lame excuses, but anyway, my whole graticule seems to be hibernating so I don't feel all too guilty. I didn't think of saving today's location to my GPS, but the weather was fine and I was finally able to take my little bike on a long ride again, so I did exactly that and started a tour. After 50 kms I remembered having checked the Geohash points and today's point being near Mellingen (20 kms beeline from Eberstedt, where I was then), so I called my favorite Ninja to ask for the coordinates. Found without problems (the occasional feeling of being lost doesn't count when you cycle some roads you haven't seen in years), came home and had cake. Yay.


Swimming huts of Eberstedt.  
Crossing Magdel, not quite such a raging current in summer.  
Pile of wood next to the point. Marked with lots of X, but I was alone.  
View from the Geohash point. Green rye everwhere.