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Thu 28 Apr 2016 in 49,10:
49.5355529, 10.9962233

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Meadow on a border to a privat property in Kleingründlach.




I was at work when I recognized that a geohash is not far away from me. Finally. I looked at the map and I decided to drive directly from work to the geohash. I know this area very well from geocaching, so I was in good spirits to find this place without problems.


Finally, end of the work day. I was very excited to go to my first geohash point today. The weather was not bad, just a little bit cold and sometimes even the sun came out. I started from work and it was just about 3 km of driving away from me, but oh no.. there's a working site on the street which led to the hashpoint. Now I regret, that I haven't took the bike early today. After another 6 km and 10 minutes of driving I parked about 150 meter away from the point and I walked the remaining meters along the street. Shortly before the finish was a small ditch, the Kesselgraben. There were two possibilities to get around: Walk another 60 Meter to a small bridge or just jump over it. I decided for the second option. :) Another 10 meters of meadow between me and the point and finally I reached it!

I was very happy that I could finally made it to my first geohash today.


I forgot to track my route, so here is a picture from the last part of my route and the detour because of the construction site. 2016-04-28 49-10 Track.jpg



Nicole1338 earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (49, 10) geohash on 2016-04-28.
2016-04-28 49-10 I at gz.jpg