2016-04-25 47 -122

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Mon 25 Apr 2016 in Seattle:
47.6137815, -122.3088384

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On 18th avenue, across from the TT Minor building on Seattle's Capitol Hill.



Stop by after baseball, then head north to home.


This hashpoint is on the street east of the former T.T. Minor elementary, most recently the home of the Hamlin Robinson School. This area is known as Cherry Hill.

On the way to the site after the game, I swung by the new home of Hamlin Robinson (since June 2015).

Realizing I wanted to find a bathroom, I found facilities that were near a watering hole. Half an hour later, I was on the road to the geohash again.

Very close by, I passed the namesake of another favorite watering hole, snapping a picture for future reference. Will have to return there another time when I need more watering.

Finally, I turned onto geohash avenue itself. The school is under renovation, soon to be the home of Seattle World School, "a transitional learning center for refugee and immigrant students." Parking, I found the edge of street location for the hashpoint and snapped my grinning photo. As a grand finale, I zoomed in close and snapped the sign for the building project.

Quite the educational geohash!