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Wed 20 Apr 2016 in Dresden:
51.0119524, 13.8523072

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Today's location is on private property in Dresden-Kleinzschachwitz.

Country: Germany; state: Sachsen (Saxony, EU:DE:SN); district: Dresden; Ortsamt: Leuben; statistischer Stadtteil: Kleinzschachwitz

Weather: sunny



I started this expedition knowing in advance that I wouldn't reach the spot. But the hashpoint was near enough and the weather nice so another step towards the POSTED achievement was okay for me. I was able to leave work on time and because the weather was sunny and very nice I cycled to the Elbe first. With the river on one side and meadows on the other, I went along the Elbe Cycle Route, passing lots of people walking, cycling or skating along the river as well. After a while I came to Kleinzschachwitz where I soon found the correct street and only a moment later the correct house. The gate stood open but I didn't enter. While I was taking pictures a car came down the street and parked next to me. A woman with a kid got out and went into the house. The woman eyed me suspiciously as I was standing next to her property doing nothing and she closed the gate behind herself. After I had finished taking pictures I got back on my bike and cycled along the cycle route again. At Tolkewitz I left the Elbe Cycle Route, walked across the cemetery and took side streets until I was home.

along the Elbe  
almost not there  
no trespassing  


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