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Sun 10 Apr 2016 in 48,17:
48.3151779, 17.6118037

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North east of Bratislava, about one hour drive with the car.


RecentlyChanged (talk) and a friend of him.


After learning for an exam (she) and working on an assignment (he) we will leave Bratislava with her car. She will probably keep learning on the way. We will make a quick visit to the hashpoint and maybe take a look at the city nearby.


We started our expedition. I was really happy, because I wouldn't have thought it really would work out. But after the first few meters, there already was a problem. The car of my friend has been towed! Shit!

We immediately called a slovak friend, who helped us to find out where the car is. He then came with his car and drove us to the place where it hs been brought to. He found out for us, that the car had obstructed to much of the sideway and had to be removed. We had to pay 99€ just for the towing, afterwards police came over and told her she has to pay a 50€ fee also. After some talking and asking how the rules really are they kindly lowered the fee to 20€, because she's an unknowing foreigner. The rules are:

  • 1.50 metres of the sidewalk have to be kept free, but you only get towed if there isn't enough space for a wheelchair to fit through. A wheelchair needs 1 metre to fit through. If you don't obstruct the wheelchair, you only get a claw onto your tire and have to pay a fee.
  • You have to keep three metres free for the traffic on your side of the road. (Don't obstruct the traffic!)
  • Yellow line on the side means: no parking.
  • White crossed out parking space: you are allowed to park there.
  • White lines: no parking.
  • If there is a sign "reservé" you really shouldn't park there, someone will report you.
  • Red circle with blue inside and a red cross over the red means also no parking.

To make it short, it's hard to find a legal parking spot in Bratislava.

After we got the car back she offered me that we still could go hashing. I accepted, but to use the two hours of driving I had to read her things from two presentations. She's studying medicine, I don't do that, so it really wasn't that easy! Even though I'm writing, reading and while being in Bratislava even talking a lot in english I'm not fitted to read out crazy medicine words loudly. It was really challenging, but somehow it helped her a little bit. It was about Local Anasthetics and Muscle Relaxants.

The hash itself was located on a field near a really small town. The field just started to become green and we went really careful onto the field not to destroy the crop. After a few steps we where in the tracks of the traktor and we followed them to the hashpoint. They have really soft dirt there, even on the tracks of the traktor it felt soft and nice.

After the nice little walk we went back and had a nice meal at a beatuiful restaurant as a nice finish of my stay in Bratislava.



RecentlyChanged earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (48, 17) geohash on 2016-04-10.
RecentlyChanged earned the Drag-along achievement
by reaching the (48, 17) geohash on 2016-04-10.