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Sat 9 Apr 2016 in 59,18:
59.6579399, 18.1496916

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In the woods near Gottröra, Sweden.




Test drive my new car.


I was testing my new BMW and I open the droid it app and todays has was doable. Headed past Arlanda airport and off to the right fields. Turns out the hash was in a pine forest and they had been good at clearing out weeds so it was really open and easy to get to. 250m or so from the road.

Headed back to the car and took a different way home. Had to stop at a rune stone on the way. It says:

Finnvid erected this stone after his brother Tord, the son of Tjävle. God help his spirit and God's mother. He built this bridge after his brother, and Åsa, their mother.