2016-04-03 35 -97

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Sun 3 Apr 2016 in 35,-97:
35.4860657, -97.2538264

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The Northeast corner of Ten Acre Lake Park in Choctaw.




I happened to have an urge around 7:00 PM on this particular afternoon to check today's graticule. it just so happened to be only a couple miles away from my house at a park I used to frequent during high school, so I just hopped in my car and went.


So, I parked my car at the northernmost parking spot. Having been here before, I looked around at the beauty of the lake to my southwest and reminisced on old memories for a minute. I began walking towards the hashpoint that was located in the far back of the park that I never new was actually a part of the park until I saw it on Google maps. On my way I passed the odd green pipes, rusty trailer and concrete shown below. Closer to the hashpoint, the area was unusually clear, likely due to the installation of the sewage pipe shown below. The hashpoint itself was near the line between where the woods were cleared for these pipes. The hashpoint was surrounded by these beautiful pink flowering thin bushes that were only lightly placed in such a way that I had no trouble walking around them, yet still had a sense of being "surrounded". There was even a red flower coming up through the thin layer of leaves. This was truly a beautiful place to be. As the sun began to finish setting, I began walking back and took one final glance back at the hashpoint, and there's a fucking deer stand in a tree with a no trespassing sign. I had inadvertently trespassed a whole 9 meters to this hashpoint, which I think only makes this expedition cooler. Anyway, I decided to spend the rest of the sunset on the back of the lake enjoying the cool breeze and took the last few photos below. All in all, this hashpoint was absolutely refreshing to my soul, as it reminded me of so many childhood experiences in the woods in this area. I hope to branch out to more unfamiliar hashpoints in the upcoming months.