2016-03-30 -15 -47

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Wed 30 Mar 2016 in -15,-47:
-15.8011538, -47.9272264

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This hash fell at the Sudoeste neighborhood in Brasilia, Brazil.

It is right in front of my kid's school.

I had been there in the morning to drop them, and got there again at the end of the day for picking them up.


  • Rafael, 35, and his two children,
  • Lucas, 5, and
  • Sofia, 3.


On October 2014 I added a request for a Geohash Alarm in the TODO list. Nathan was very nice to rapidly do it!

I soon signed up for any hash within 5 miles from my place.

Today I received an email from the Geohash Alarm, and I was pleased to notice it was at a place I had already been in the morning and where I was going back at evening: my kid's school!!

When I picked them up: "Let's go on an expedition to the internet!!!"

It was fun!


  • Today's hash is 1km from work. Right in front of kid's school! Gonna get there later when picking them up. -- Rafaelalves (talk) @-15.8094,-47.9311 13:06, 30 March 2016 (GMT-03:00)




Rafael earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (-15, -47) geohash on 2016-03-30.

Rafael earned the cubicle geohash honorable mention
by working near the (-15, -47) geohash on 2016-03-30.